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Your solution for personalized piece productions.

Are you a producer?

Your problem
You are a producer, do not know anything about IT, and your production is poorly positioned for future, small-scaled orders.
Your solution
Smake® Satellite - because we are familiar with your problems, which we have already solved with our years of experience.

From suppliers to the shop to shipping

Using the knowledge of a producer, we have created a unique, all-in-one solution for refining textiles.

Are you looking for a producer?

Your problem
You have an eShop but no reliable producers that produce 1-piece textiles on demand.
Your solution
Smake® API - because we have a direct interface in production and thus, the solution for you.

Refined textiles from 1 piece up.

Our fully digitalized production offers you numerous ways to refine textiles and starting with 1 piece at that.