A closed, online-based production tool

Smake® VPW
Value Production Workflow

The Smake® order and production process.

Smake® VPW

During production, every scanning process means security and control in the production process. It minimizes potential errors and helps save a great deal of time in the entire process. Each scanning process is saved in the corresponding item history via a database. The smallest errors are prevented - this satisfies your customers and thus, you as well.

Flawless production

Production areas are uniquely divided. At the same time, you benefit from our years of production experience in textile refinement along with our deep and extensive IT know-how.

XS to XXL production

Whether it's orders comprising one part or several parts – your production will be unerringly prepared and tailored to any contingencies thanks to the Smake® Value Production Workflow.

Smake® refinements

Textiles - your brand becomes a label. Refined textiles can be used in many ways and are perfect advertising vehicles. Personalized textiles and branded items are worn with pride – by your employees, customers and fans. We ensure that the details are well-placed and processed on the items.

Textile embroidery

Textile printing plant

Textile laser