M ZSK – Innovation and Quality produced in Germany

Countless challenges can be mastered with embroidery machines and indeed more efficiently than with many other methods. Reduced time, less material loss and the ability to customize products down to the smallest detail – these are just three of the many advantages that embroidery offers. The enthusiasm for this versatility goes back to the beginnings of ZSK more than 100 years ago. Since then, two principles have always been in focus: the highest quality and the claim on theirselves to meet customer requirements in the best possible way. Therefore, they rely on German workmanship, they subject their production to strict quality standards and manufacture each machine as a single piece.


ZSK machines can be perfectly and smoothly integrated into the Smake workflow. With a short scan, your embroidery files can be retrieved directly from the Smake Cloud – the modern T8 unit shows you all information and a preview of the embroidery file.

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Hooping has never been so easy and accurate!

Using Smake EPS technology, project the desired logo onto the garment to improve accuracy and increase speed in hooping. You will be amazed at how easy hooping is when you can see what you are doing!



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