The small personalization tool with big effect!
With the Product-Detailpage-Designer you can easily create personalized articles without much effort!

If the article has been set up for the Product-Detailpage-Designer, a text field appears on the product detail page where the personalization can be entered and changed in no time at all.

The good thing: The Product-Detailpage-Designer can be used with print and embroidery files!


Once you have entered the personalization and would like to put the item in the shopping cart, a short query appears. This shows the previously created and changed text. At this point, the customer can check his input again before the article ends up in the shopping basket.

To use the Detail Page Designer you need changeable print or embroidery files.

If we have created our motive (PXF or PV), we have to upload it as usual in the backend of our shop under “Designs”. Next we switch to the already created product (Create your own product).

Here we find the button “Designer” in the upper right area. With this backend designer you have the possibility to create articles with fixed motifs or personalizable designs. Here you place your desired personalizable design on the article and save the whole.



Then the correct designer settings are made. The desired designer can be selected in the product under “Designer Options”. In this case, select “Personalize (product detail page)” and save your product. If the product is published for the Shop it appears in the Frontend and the customer can provide as described above comfortably this article with its name.


The Product-Detailpage-Designer only works with text (or text-logo combinations). A change of colors is not possible here! The correct colors must be determined in advance!