Coming soon: Additional Instructions

2020-02-06T10:34:03+01:00Feb 6, 2020 @ 10:27 am|

Soon there will be a new feature in the Smake System - the Additional Instructions. This feature allows you to control further instructions such as adding flyers, applying additional stickers or other instructions automatically during production. For this feature the production requires at least one additional station for the Additional Instructions. If one station in your production is not enough, you can add more stations (maximum 3). You create your additional instructions at client administration. This can be, for example, a license sticker, an individual flyer or the sewing in of a web label. You can also add an image [...]

January – a crazy month full of trade shows

2020-02-07T11:31:30+01:00Feb 6, 2020 @ 9:50 am|

It' s now February and we are all back in the office, after Smake was presented at four trade shows in January. We ourselves are amazed how strong our brand recognition is and how many well-known faces we met again at very trade show. Viscom - Düsseldorf - Germany In the first week of Januar after christmas holiday we started at viscom in Düsseldorf not far away from the smake headoffice. Smake performed at the "make your shirt"- special area with a full workflow system.  There we could show every station from "incoming goods" up to the "shipping station". All [...]