We all know how difficult the current situation is – everyone is trying to make the best out of the situations and stay calm about the lockdown.

The Smake team has been at home since November of last year – sometimes short visits are necessary to take care of important things. But everything that doesn’t have to be done on site is moved to home offices. In this way, we try to protect not only ourselves, but also the people around us.

From now on videos from the basement room – Oliver relocates a part of the studio.

So that Oliver can continue to make videos of the HoopStation and not endanger himself and others unnecessarily. He came up with the idea to do this at home in his basement. Oliver quickly got the equipment from the company and of course a HoopStation and built everything in his basement.

Be excited to see the new introduction and instruction videos for the HoopStation. By using three cameras at the same time and a sophisticated editing technique, even explaining the calibration is absolutely no problem anymore. Soon you will get more information. 🙂

Basement? Sounds strange?
It should not! Rather, we want to show that we do not let ourselves stop to continue our work and that the HomeOffice has no influence on our planned To Do’s.Oliver meets significantly less people in his basement than on the way to the company, in the parking or similar.

We will continue to be there for you and give full power in the background!
Until then, stay healthy!