Important addition to the order export!

2021-02-23T09:06:07+01:00Feb 23, 2021 @ 9:05 am|

Attention! We extend our order export in the store backend! In the export file, the external_identifier is added next to the id and the ship_date and tracking_info are added right next to the shipping_method. This changes the order of the columns in the export file. These changes will be implemented in our system on Wednesday 10.03.2021. If the order of the columns is important for you, please adjust your programs until then. Following there is an example with the new columns If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact our support team via!

New in system: Gunold threads

2020-04-07T14:34:35+01:00Apr 7, 2020 @ 14:33 pm|

Gunold Poly 40 – simply add threads from the system library Brand new – a large selection of Gunold threads – we have stored all Gunold Poly 40 threads in the system for you. Choose from a total of 297 threads and embellish your designs – which are also your production files. The manual creation of own threads now has an end! In addition to the existing Madeira Polyneon threads – there is now finally the first further manufacturer – GUNOLD! If you don’t know Gunold – the yarn manufacturer – yet, you can take a look at the more [...]

Coming soon: Additional Instructions

2020-02-06T10:34:03+01:00Feb 6, 2020 @ 10:27 am|

Soon there will be a new feature in the Smake System - the Additional Instructions. This feature allows you to control further instructions such as adding flyers, applying additional stickers or other instructions automatically during production. For this feature the production requires at least one additional station for the Additional Instructions. If one station in your production is not enough, you can add more stations (maximum 3). You create your additional instructions at client administration. This can be, for example, a license sticker, an individual flyer or the sewing in of a web label. You can also add an image [...]

New Feature: Delete Shops

2019-12-20T07:20:33+01:00Dec 20, 2019 @ 7:20 am|

Now you can clean up your Smake system and delete shops you no longer need. At first these shops will only be deactivated before they are deleted. If you have deactivated a shop, you can undo it within the following 14 days before it is finally deleted. This is how it works: Log in under in your client administration and move to the menu item "Shops". Here you will find the list of your shops as usual. In the column "Options" you will find a new button "Deactivate". With a click on "Deactivate" a request opens, here you have [...]

Easy personalization with the Product-Detailpage-Designer (Inline Designer)

2019-12-14T03:27:34+01:00Dec 11, 2019 @ 9:39 am|

The small personalization tool with big effect! With the Product-Detailpage-Designer you can easily create personalized articles without much effort! If the article has been set up for the Product-Detailpage-Designer, a text field appears on the product detail page where the personalization can be entered and changed in no time at all. The good thing: The Product-Detailpage-Designer can be used with print and embroidery files! Once you have entered the personalization and would like to put the item in the shopping cart, a short query appears. This shows the previously created and changed text. At this point, the customer can check [...]