Now you can clean up your Smake system and delete shops you no longer need.
At first these shops will only be deactivated before they are deleted. If you
have deactivated a shop, you can undo it within the following 14 days before
it is finally deleted.

This is how it works:
Log in under in your client administration and move to the menu item
“Shops”. Here you will find the list of your shops as usual. In the column “Options”
you will find a new button “Deactivate”.


With a click on “Deactivate” a request opens, here you have to confirm again
that you want to deactivate the shop. In addition, a message appears that you
have to consider that all open orders will be canceled and this step can not
be undone. All orders that are already in production will be finished. With confirmation
of this inquiry the shop is deactivated with immediate effect.

have 14 days to reactivate the shop. After 14 days the shop will be deleted irrevocably.
For the next 14 days the “Activate” button will appear – you can use it to reactivate
your shop before it is deleted. Next to this button you will find the information
until when a new activation is still possible.


Notice please

  • If you deactivate this option, all open orders will be canceled.
  • Orders that are still in production can be finished.
  • After a period of 14 days, the shop will be irrevocably deleted – even
    all data in the background are not recoverable.