On May 12th we could be seen live on Youtube for the first time. For 60 minutes Tobias and Sabrina answered your questions and explained in detail functions in the Smake backend – client administration, shop backend and even the production level were there with individual parts. Besides the short general introduction to Smake, our first live stream included topics like product measurement, supplier orders, employee ID cards, rights management and the setup of Addiotional Instructions. We received questions about these topics from our customers and interested parties via email before.

For the fact that it was also our first live stream, we had a lot of fun on the other side behind the camera and all the technology.


Here you can watch our live stream of the 14th of May 2020

Software Consulting Hours – what is that exactly?
With our Software Consultation Hour we want to catch open questions around Smake – no matter if you are already a customer or if you are interested in the Smake Workflow System and have questions about the functions in advance. We want to answer as many open questions as possible and advise you in our software consultation hour.

In addition to the backend functions, questions about hardware or the use in production will be answered in the future – we might even stream live from a production soon. 🙂

NEXT DATE: 09. June 2020 – from 03:00 pm – 04:00 pm – German time – with Tobias
The next date for the livestream is 09 June 2020 – from 15:00 – 16:00 German time. This date will again be held in German – but in the future we also want to stream in English in the interest of our international customers.
On 09th of June Tobias will be at your side – don’t forget he is one of our API specialists – you might have questions about this complex topic.

How can you ask questions?
You can send us questions in advance by mail and we will prepare them for you. Just send an email with the subject “Software Consultation Hour” to help@smake.com. Alternatively, you can also ask questions during the live stream – for this you can use the LiveChat on Youtube and simply type in your question.
Please note that due to time constraints we cannot always answer all questions directly. 60 minutes can be very short – but we try to get through as many topics as possible in this time.

Good to Know: Smake Event Calendar
Use our event calendar on the website – and save the date in your personal calendar directly from there!