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Smake goes Homeoffice
Since last week our Smake team has been working from their home. You can be sure – we are there for you as usual and even more!
We are going to join in and want to break the corona infection chain. We don’t just want to protect ourselves, we want to help to protect all the other people as well and minimize the spread.

Every day starts with a team call – we call it „Virtual Coffee“ 🙂

Working from home? Is it really so simple?
Sure it is! We – as a young, modern IT company – have worked from home offices sometimes before. So far it has shown to be very effective, especially for tasks where you have to concentrate a lot and are better undisturbed – or just to step on the gas and get things done. Our workplaces are already oriented towards mobility anyway – so a short change of location is no problem.

Not only the workflow system developed by Smake is cloud-based, we ourselves also believe in using cloud-based systems. Anytime – from anywhere!

Our project management tool Jira makes it possible for everyone to plan and coordinate the work efficiently.

Tobi is smiling like every day – In the background with Jira our project management tool & on the table building on TouchBox boards.

Oliver loves the silence to further develop his EPS systems.

Patrick works in a structured way and in a tidy workplace.

Sabrinas dog Joker would also like to work for Smake.

Thomas makes jokes to keep his employees smiling. 🙂

Alone you are unique – together you are strong!
From now on everybody is alone at home – but only physically! Especially in times of crisis it is important to keep the team together and to strengthen it. That’s why we meet in the team in the morning for our “Virtual Coffee” – of course we talk about work, but not only.

On the one hand, we exchange what was done the day before, what will be done the same day or what exciting news about the industry or partners is available – on the other hand, we also use this time to talk about the current situation and our well-being or to make the other ones smile with a joke. The software we use makes working in a team even easier and the time is used even more effectively than sometimes in the office.

Different times – new possibilities
The different way of working makes us more flexible towards our international customers and partners – so the time difference is not an issue at the moment. Sometimes we are out late in the evening with our international customers via videocall – or you work more hours than in the office – so we take a few minutes to breathe fresh air and clear the mind.

We are all pleased that we have the opportunity to work in this way in this current situation and are doing everything we can to support our partners and customers.

Thanks, that a part of the team has shared photos 🙂

Marius needs fresh air to clear his mind – with sheep behind the garden

Please stay healthy and take care of yourselves – but not only of you, also of all the other people and join in – stay at home!

We are always here for you!
Many greetings from different homes & different cities,
Your Smake Team

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