Soon there will be a new feature in the Smake System – the Additional Instructions. This feature allows you to control further instructions such as adding flyers, applying additional stickers or other instructions automatically during production. For this feature the production requires at least one additional station for the Additional Instructions. If one station in your production is not enough, you can add more stations (maximum 3).

You create your additional instructions at client administration. This can be, for example, a license sticker, an individual flyer or the sewing in of a web label. You can also add an image so that you have a visual representation in the production or on the touch box. Beside the image you can also add a text describing the step you want to take. For example “Take the [MyBrand label] from tray 17 and sew it into the neck area.” After successful creation you can now determine in which of your shops this “Additional Instruction ” can be used. You can also determine whether this additional Instructions should be checked in quality control. Beside flyers, labels and stickers you can also offer special packaging and define an extra charge. This would then be done at the shipping terminal and does not require an additional station.

In the backend of the selected shop, you can now edit a product which should receive the additional instruction. Via the designer we can place the additional Instructions on the product. For example, we can place the additional Instructions, which should be a web label, in the neck of the shirt, so that in production you can see directly how the label looks like and where it should be placed.

With our Additional Instructions all doors will soon be open for you – these “little hints” will bring you many new possibilities in your Smake Workflow. A very individual concept to cover the wishes of different producers.

We are excited to see what you do with your “additional instructions”. 🙂