When we create a new Smake Shop there are a few basic things to keep
in mind. So that we don’t forget them, we find targeted information in
the client administration.
For the first installation of the system (client) the complete company
data (company name, complete address incl. country + contact data, USt-IdNr.
as well as the e-mail address and the desired password of the admin)
are required. In addition, information on currency, weight and length
units are requested. (These three details cannot be changed in the basic

Default information

First we enter the desired name of our shop. The name is also the shop
URL. Spaces are replaced by dashes.
Example: The name My Shop now becomes
Later we can store our own domain via the shopbackend.
Closed store
Here we decide whether the shop should be closed or open. This means
that the shop can only be accessed via a login, i.e. only for registered
IMPORTANT: This setting cannot be changed afterwards!
Test shop
If the shop is only used for test or demo purposes, we can create the
shop as a test shop. This test shop does not transfer the data to production
when an order is placed.
IMPORTANT: This setting cannot be changed afterwards!

Standards and Formats

Default settings such as currencies, language and length units are defined

IMPORTANT: This settings cannot be changed afterwards!

Bildschirmfoto_2019-11-20_um_19.23.07.png(Attention: The indication of the weights is not to be seen in the picture, is however compellingly needed for the basic equipment of the system!)


Shipping address

The shipping address and therefore the data of the customer / producer are
stored here. This address is used as sender address for the dispatch, as
long as the neutral dispatch is not selected. The address can be touched
at any time at will.



These listed details can no longer be changed after the shop has been
set up

  • Currency
  • units of measurement
  • Shop open / closed (invited customers only)